Christina Koehler/Tintin Patrone
Gastatelier im Goldbekhof
Moorfuhrtweg 9 B
22301 - Hamburg

mobil: 015777736013


Gastkuenstler 2017 - Tintin Patrone & IMMC


The IMMC is open to any motorcycle, bicycle, music and art enthusiast who is wants to be part of a brother-/sister-/*#?!-hood.
The Club will be governed by all of its members at any time.
Members of the IMMC have to be aware of the importance of mobile music and art and the responsibility of performing in urban or suburban spaces. To spread ideas and music it is helpful but not necessary to use a motorcycle. Creative urban and suburban interacting is the ultimate goal and task of club members.

Clubvorstand 2017:
Tintin Patrone, Joshua Sassmannshausen, Rosh Zeeba, Joscha Hendricksen, Yu-Ling Hsueh
Clubtreffenankuendigungen im Clubheim Goldbekhof siehe: